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Below are some of My Favorite Softwares, Tools, Trainings, and Books that will Help You get more publicity for your business or brand.
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NOTE: Some might be affiliate links so I also get a commission. I also include extra bonuses for you to use my link.
training resources

7 Tips To Your First Media Mention!

Remember that the essence of authority is that people willingly follow your lead and be your CLIENTS. Learn 6 ways you can position yourself as a trusted authority with your community, industry and/or topic.  

Establish Your Authority GUARANTEED!

Use These Little Known Publicity Hacks to Get Featured In The Media - No Expensive PR Agency Needed!  If You're Ready for PUBLICITY - These 7 Tips Will Help You Get Your First or Next Media Mention!

Ultimate Guide to Press Release Topics

Having trouble coming up with topics for your press release?  I’ve come up with the ultimate collection of ideas for any press occasion. Just call me your Press Release BFF

Damn Good Press Release Template

Steal the science-backed, psychology-based template used with over 500+ clients across 30+ industries to get more Media for your business or brand.

150 Pitch Prompts

These pitches work even if you have no experience, no contacts, no money, and no hope because it is based on brain science and leverages human psychology. Media professionals can't help but say yes!

11 Steps to A Profitable Podcast

In this  Ultimate Guide To Grow Your Brand Through Podcasting, get my 11 proved steps that I used to grow my audience, build my brand and generate more revenue for my business and for my clients.

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